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Who were the Amazons? Did they really exist? Modern day interpretations of the Amazons equate them to giant, nude, sex symbols, who frolick with wild animals and despise men.  We have fantasized them in order to create a larger-than-life myth. … Continue reading

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When surveying remnants of the past, how do we assemble the pieces of the puzzle to create a complete picture? How do we know that the picture we have created is the right one? Will there not be some bias? … Continue reading

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The Vestal Virgins: A Symbol of Rome

What do we know about the Vestal Virgins? We know from the potentially biased primary and secondary sources of Cicero, Plutarch, Varro, and Cassius Dio that the Vestals were priestesses of the goddess of the hearth, Vesta. The priestesses were … Continue reading

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The Myths of Demeter and Persephone: Women as Sacred or Impure?

This week’s readings were incredibly interesting. Further elaboration on women’s roles in rituals sheds light on their place in society and religious practice in Ancient Greece. Paralleling the story of Demeter and Kore, most of the ritual activities women performed … Continue reading

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